Corporate Overview
Since its beginning in 1976, CASA have relentlessly forged partnership with exclusive brand names for home appliances, consumer electronics and bathroom fixtures from Europe and eventually they become synonymous with quality home appliances.

Overtime, the group has a geographical footprint, spanning Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa, and certain European countries to distribute the products.  In recent years, CASA have ventured into the China market and has two manufacturing plants there.  Core activities include design, assembly, installation and provision of after sales maintenance services for commercial air-conditioning and other mechanical ventilating systems and manufacture and sale of kitchen appliances & drying machines.

CASA’s strength lies with its professional and efficient servicing team and state-of-the-art logistics systems and delivery services.  It’s no wonder CASA has enjoyed exponential growth throughout the years and continue to strengthen its market positions.  The 8 premium and quality brands are representation of CASA’s effort towards excellence and achievement for many years to come.