About Chateau

Preserving the finer things in life

Has your beloved wine collection grown far beyond the confines of your refrigerator? Chateau Wine Coolers would be perfect for your ever growing wine stash!

Since 2006, Chateau has been bringing fine selection of wine cabinets to preserve and present wines as an integral part of the Singaporean lifestyle.

We strive to provide style and substance combine to offer state-of-the-art coolers while incorporating the latest in wine cooling technology to bring out the true wine characteristics and flavor potential.

Each and every Chateau Wine Cooler goes through stringent tests and checks to ensure quality, efficiency and durability to provide ideal temperature and storage conditions for your reds and whites - especially in hot and humid weather in Singapore which can cause unwanted oxidation in wines and compromise the flavor.

Whether you're a wine connoisseur or simply looking out for a wine cooler worthy of your collection, a Chateau wine cooler is all you really need.


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