About EF

Embracing Finest Moments

The essence of EF extends beyond a shared passion for cooking. Our concept first sparked when we came across the fine European designs for household appliances. We wondered how the sleek aesthetics and new functions could be ported over to a Singaporean household.

Hence, we established EF to marry these Eastern and Western ideals into homes. It has since been our charge over the last few decades to serve the needs of ever-evolving local homeowners.

As part of the Casa Holdings Ltd family and a pivotal player in the household appliance industry, we continually strive to fuse progressive, contemporary European aesthetics with functional designs based on detailed research, so as to deliver the best solution for each unique customer.

We are dedicated to achieving our core values of Care, Accountability, Support and Ambition in very personal interactions with you so that you can live your most comfortable life.


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