Investor Relations Policy

Investor Relations Policy

Casa Holdings Limited (the "Company") is, at all times, committed to making disclosure of material information in a timely, transparent and accurate manner to the public, in accordance to the Singapore Code of Corporate Governance 2018 and listing rules of the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited ("SGX-ST").

The Investor Relations Policy is subject to regular review by the executive committee and the board of directors of the Company (the "Board") to ensure its relevance and effectiveness. Updates and revisions will be made as appropriate to reflect current best practices in the Company's communication with its shareholders and the investment community.

The Investor Relations Policy sets out the principles and practices that guides the Company in providing current and prospective investors with pertinent information necessary to make well- informed investment decisions.

The Company seeks to provide clear, fair and balanced disclosure of information to its shareholders and the investment community in a timely and effective manner. To the extent possible, all disclosures shall:

1. use clear and plain non-technical language;

2. provide balanced assessments of its performance, position and prospects;

3. contain adequate quantitative information to allow investors to evaluate its relative importance to the activities of the Company.

In the course of its investor relations activities, the Company will comply with all applicable securities laws and regulations. In addition to mandatory information disclosures, the Company seeks to adopt a proactive stance of voluntary disclosure covering issues deemed to have a potential impact on investment decisions by its current and prospectiie investors.

All disclosures are broadcast to Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited ("SGX-ST") through SGXNet, and are available on the Company's corporate website.

Designated spokespersons

The Company communicates only through designated senior spokespersons who establishes and maintains regular dialogues with shareholders to solicit and understand their views, as well as respond to inquiries from the media and the investment community.

Employees who are not designated spokespersons must not under any circumstances respond to inquiries from the media and investment community, unless specifically authorised by designated senior spokespersons. Any inquiry received must be directed to the Board of Directors.

Market rumours and speculation

The Company does not respond to market rumours or speculation. Clarification announcements will be made promptly through via SGXNet in the event material information is deemed to have been leaked or where there are unusual market trading activities that may be attributable to such rumours or speculation.

The Company does not comment on commercially sensitive or legal proceedings.
The Company utilises various channels to engage its shareholders and the investment community, with a focus on timely, accurate, fair and transparent disclosure of material information. The Company is committed to treating all shareholders fairly and equitably, and to keep all its shareholders and wider stakeholder group informed on a timely basis of its corporate activities, including material developments which would likely affect the price or value of its securities.

Shareholders' meetings

The Company facilitates opportunities for its shareholders to effectively participate and vote at shareholders' meetings and to put forth any questions they may have on the motions to be debated and decided upon. Shareholders are entitled to attend and vote at general meetings in person or by proxy. Shareholders will be informed of the rules, including voting procedures governing these general meetings. The minutes of these meetings will be made available to shareholders on the Company's corporate website.

Members of the Board and executive committee are in attendance at the Company meetings to address shareholders queries about the Company. The Company's auditors also attend to address questions in relation to the audit and the financial statement of the Group.

Half year and full year results announcements

The Company releases its half-yearly and full year results announcement via SGXNet and its corporate website.

The Company observes a "blackout" period one month before the release of its half-yearly and full year results respectively. During this time, the Company will not meet with research analysts, investors or the media, or comment on its industry outlook and business and financial performance.

Annual report and sustainability report

The Company publishes an annual report to provide its shareholders and the investment community with a comprehensive and consistent overview of its business strategies, developments and market outlook, as well as operational and financial performance.

The Company also publishes a sustainability report annually, detailing its environmental, social and governance efforts and results.

Corporate website

The Company maintains a corporate website The Company's financial results, annual reports, sustainability reports, press release, SGXNet announcements, and other information are posted on its corporate website. Current information and archives of previously released information and announcements are found under the Investor Relations section of the corporate website.

Any enquires from shareholders and the investment community are welcome to send us via email at

The Company recognises the importance of the privacy of its shareholders and will not disclose shareholders' information without their consent unless required by law.
This policy is available on the Company's corporate website at .