About Elba

Talent for Cooking

ELBA has been a pioneer of Italian built-in cooking appliances since the 1970'S. Our expertise and flexibility in producing domestic appliances to meet the requirements of customers throughout the world have contributed to our expansion into over 75 different markets globally.

The world market is increasingly challenging and competitive, but ELBA is fully prepared to approach this with enthusiasm as we have demonstrated it over the past decades of continued expansion.

Our design is flexible, in both quantity and quality. We satisfy the needs of various cultures and different lifestyles, with products which are perfectly capable of adapting to all the cuisines of the world.

The kitchen is the most important part of the home and is where the family meets, feeds and warms itself, as has happened for thousands of years around the hearth. With our products we continuously search for the beautiful, practical, useful and harmonious, while always keeping an eye on costs.


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