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Casa Introduces uHoo in Singapore

27 Sep 2021

Casa Singapore presents you uHoo, the air monitoring system.

As you know, Indoor air quality affects your overall health and well-being. uHoo is able to measure and monitor your air quality for a healthier environment all for better sleep, allergy control, and more productivity.

uHoo measures and monitors nine different air quality factors and a virus index, making it the most comprehensive indoor air sensor in the market

uHoo air quality sensor is an IoT (Internet of Things) device. It is also IFTTT compatible, which allows you to make endless automation with the data.

The uHoo air quality monitor is compatible with other smart home devices. They include Nest, Google Home, Amazon Echo, Ecobee, and Philips Hue. By syncing the uHoo air quality monitor with other smart devices, you can schedule cleaning and control the environment in your home.

To purchase uHoo you may visit Casa-eshop and Amazon.

For more information and all the latest from uHoo, please visit uHoo Singapore or follow on Facebook and Instagram.

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